Panaview Shutters are Blinds and Shutters

Plantation Blinds and Shutters in 1

Revolutionary New Blind and Shutter Combined

Have you heard of Panaview Shutters yet? It is both a blind and a shutter in one. The goal of a window covering is to block out the environment while still allowing people to view outside should they so desire. There are numerous ways to do that and each has it’s strengths and weaknesses. One of the most popular methods is through plantations shutters. They are boldly elegant with their thick panels. They simply look gorgeous framing a window. The problems with Shutters are difficulty seeing outside even with the panels placed horizontally and their tendency to need a wide berth to open. In other words, they’re a pain to open and try to see through, but they look great! The problem with vinyl blinds is that, while they can roll up and completely open up the view,  they’re far from elegant. Basswood blinds solve some of these problems. Panaview Shutters solve all of these problems by being both blinds and shutters.

When you have plantation shutters they tend to be hard to place furniture around. If you place furniture near the window the shutter won’t open. The shutter opens and hits the furniture sometimes damaging blind and furniture. You can’t exactly roll a shutter up the way you do a blind or a open a window. But what if you could? That’s what a Panaview Shutter does. It looks like a plantation shutter and opens like a blind. It can be lifted like a window, but the shutter panels collapses together like a blind.

Not only that, but it also opens like a shutter. But when it does it lets in 40% more light than a shutter. Panaview Shutters provide the ability to have the advantages of both blinds and shutters in your window frame. Enjoy this video showcasing the beauty and function of this revolutionary new blind and shutter.

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