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Advantages of Roman Shades in Gilbert AZ

Advantages of Roman Shades in Gilbert AZ

There is something so lovely and elegant about a home with Roman shades. The layers of fabric encasing the shades can soften the hard edges that open blinds may project. Light colored roman shades encased by dark walls look stunning and dark blinds juxtaposed against light walls look inviting and dramatic. Roman shades that are neutral against neutral walls are cozy and soft looking. With draperies or without, Roman shades are a touch of elegance in any room.

Roman shades weren’t always a choice based upon elegance. Originally, they were a pragmatic creation. Ancient Roman homes were situated in a warm climate and had open windows to hopefully enjoy breezes when they came through. Dust came through the homes as well as breezes passed through. Dust also was kicked up as people traveled wіth carts оn unpaved roads. Dust easily entered homes, covering everything inside from furniture, to clothes, and even to food. To prevent this, Roman shades wеrе created tо hеlр keep dust outside where it belonged.

Today, Roman shades аrе ѕtіll very effective at keeping dust from entering homes. The swaths of fabric between the shades help to trap the dust and to keep it outside where it belongs. When extended, Roman shades lay flat against the surface of the open window and act as an elegant screen which lets air and light through and nothing else.

They are also very effective at reducing the amount of sunlight entering your home. Sunlight can damage your furniture and increase the temperature in your home, so good Roman shades are very useful to keep your home comfortable and your furniture in good condition.

One of the most common reasons that people choose Roman shades today, though, is that they are so attractive in homes. They have clean lines, they create an elegant statement, and they also add a touch of class to any window. Homes with Roman shades express a lot about their owners. They make your home look sharp and crisp and help any homeowner to feel good about the way their home looks.

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