Blinds are window coverings which have slats that can expose or block light in two different ways. The slats can be pulled to stack together or extended apart to close. The slats can also be rotated to control the amount of light exposed between the slots while in the extended position. (Shades pull open or closed but do not have slats that can be rotated apart. Shutters may have slats that can be rotated, but the shutter opens and closes very differently than blinds.)

Blinds are a great choice for nearly every window in your home, large or small.

Blinds slats can be vertical or horizontal. Blinds with vertical slats or panels are a great choice for large picture windows, sliding glass doors, and patio doors. Blinds with horizontal slots are great for most average sized windows. Small windows may benefit from mini blinds.

Blinds are made from several different materials. Aluminum or vinyl blinds are a great choice for budgets and come in a wide variety of styles to coordinate with your decor. Wood blinds are a rich and sophisticated look. Faux wood blinds combine the beauty of wood blinds with the affordability of synthetic materials.

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