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Mesa Blinds or Mesa Shades | Which One Should I Get?

Mesa Blinds or Mesa Shades | Which One Should I Get?

Are you wondering which one fits better in your home: Mesa blinds or shades? Here’s a quick rundown on both window treatment options.


Blinds are perfectly adjustable; with tiltable slats, you can adjust if you prefer to let the natural light in or not. What’s more, blinds provide a clean-looking, cozy feel for your home. And if you want to enhance your home’s privacy, you can simply adjust it accordingly.

The downside to blinds, on the other hand, is that they may require frequent cleaning and upkeep. The slats are magnets to dust and dirt and may need commitment to keep it clean. Blinds made of textured fabric material, in particular, may require vacuuming or professional cleaning to thoroughly remove the dirt.

When choosing the ideal blinds, bear in mind these simple pointers:

  • To create an illusion of having bigger windows, opt for wider horizontal slats.
  • If you have windows that are wider than they are tall, vertical blinds are the perfect window solution. They are best used on picture windows or on sliding glass doors.
  • Compared to shades, you need not put blinds at half-mast to allow sunlight in. Simply leave the slats open.
  • Blinds are handy when used in bathrooms, bedrooms, or other areas of the house where you need some privacy. You can adjust them accordingly for privacy or when you want light .


For its incredible versatility and remarkable style, shades are the perfect window treatment option. With different materials, patterns, and designs to choose from, shades can allow you to create different moods to perfectly suit the interior design of your home.

Shades can stand out in garden rooms or breakfast nooks. It provides for a natural filter for natural light while you read your morning paper or iPad. Opaque shades work well in bedrooms and bathrooms for its privacy feature. For home theaters and media rooms, blackout shades are very ideal.

On the downside, shades may require hand-washing to keep them clean and fresh-looking. Some fabric shades may have to be vacuumed regularly.

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