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Solar Shades Mesa Arizona

Solar Shades Mesa Arizona

Why are Solar Shades Popular in Mesa Arizona?
Quick Answer
Solar Shades are popular because of the amazing ability reduce glare with beautiful fabric. With our hot heat, the Solar shades hold temperatures well and reduce the suns reflections.
Which Solar Shades are the best?

There are a few things to consider when trying to find the best solar shade for your circumstance – location, performance and aesthetics.

1. Location

Knowing whether your window faces north, south, east or west is the first step in choosing the right solar shade. The sun is not as hot or intense on windows facing north or south as it is on windows facing east (early morning to afternoon) or west (noon till 5PM) and so knowing the direction your window faces will help in determining which fabric offers the level of control you are seeking combined with the individual style that is aesthetically appealing.

2. Performance

Solar Shades can reduce solar heat gain, reduce glare, provide a degree of daytime privacy and filter natural light to illuminate the interior. However, no fabric can accomplish all of the above. You need to decide what feature is the most important or find a comfortable balance between one or more of the above. To help you decide, lets take a look at a couple of important elements – the Openness Factor and fabric color.

3. Openness Factor
3% Openness 5% Openness 10% Openness

The Openness Factor represents the amount of open and/or closed space in the material or more appropriately, the density of the weave. A fabric with a low Openness Factor (OF) reflects more infrared heat, provides greater daytime privacy and offers the greatest glare reduction. A fabric with a high OF provides for a better view out but doesn’t reflect as much infrared heat, reduces daytime privacy and allows more natural light to filter through the fabric to illuminate the interior. Many of the benefits associated with a low or high openness factor can be enhanced or negated depending on the fabric color selected