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Do Plantation Shutters Increase My Home Value?

Do Plantation Shutters Increase My Home Value?

We have quite a few customers who have asked us how Plantation Shutters increase our home value in the Mesa and Gilbert area.  It’s hard to give it an exact number as to how much value shutters add, but we have seen it increase the appeal of the home.

One of the highlights of our job is seeing a customers face once we are done installing Plantation shutters.  They are happy and you can instantly see a transformation to the room.  Buyers feel the same way once they see a home has these shutters as well.  The details make a difference.

Another great aspect of these shutters is that they are not something that is taken out of the house.  These are permanent fixtures and will remain in the home.  They appraise as a valuable addition to your home since they are staying with the house.

Our plantation shutters last longer than regular shutters and keep that style.  They are classy, and make a home look like it is worth more than it is.  They also are energy efficient and will reduce your electricity bill.

This is an easy investment that will add to the appeal of your home as well as add to the dolllars of the final sale.  If you see a home that has plantation shutters versus one that does not, it is eas to see the difference.