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Energy Efficient Mesa Blinds

Energy Efficient Mesa Blinds

R+T Australia is an exhibition to showcase developments in energy efficiency.  Among those are Blinds and Shutters.  Energy Efficient Blind have been on the rise.  We talked last fall about the competition in California for energy efficient homes.  Most of those homes included some advanced way of filtering the heat and light through specialized blinds.

energy efficient blindsAll blinds and shutters have some effect on light and heat control.  This means they improve the energy efficiency of the home.  Energy efficiency has become an increasing concern both as one of personal check book as well as global social responsibility.  The worlds energy is created via many technologies that can be hazardous to the environment.  In an attempt to lower our collective ecological foot print as well as lower our energy costs manufacturers look to create products that don’t require as much energy.  We now have high efficiency washers, dryers, dish washers etc.

The list goes on.  However one of the simplest and most effective way to lower your electricity bill is to regulate your blinds.  If it’s cold, opening blinds can let energy in.  If it’s hot, various technologies can protect the home from heat including closing your blinds.

Some energy efficient blinds and shutters are designed specifically to trap heat before it comes in the house.  Others are designed to let light in the top while minimizing total heat transference.   Shutters are being combined with remote control to allow you to shut outdoor shutters from inside the cool home.  This is important to Arizona residents who know that 128 degrees F can be a rough time to walk outside.  It’s not uncommon to see empty streets during the height of summer in Arizona.  No-one wants to step out into that oven. A good shutter and energy efficient blinds system can help you get ahead of summer.  It’s still cool out.  Now would be the time to get such a system installed.