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Sheer Blinds

Sheer Blinds

Sheer Blinds

Sheer Blinds are an Elegant Combination of Curtain and Blinds

You may have never seen Sheer Blinds before.  They have the elegance of a sheer curtain with the privacy control of a blind. Imagine a sheer curtain attached gently to either side of your blinds.  Naturally everyone will be imagining something different at this point because there are many varieties of blinds and curtains.  So too are there many varieties of sheer blinds.  They can come in various colors and transparencies.  Some people use them as blackout blinds while others go for a much lighter look allowing as much sunlight to get through as possible.  You can control the blind portion to allow extra light in anytime.  Because of the sheer people standing out by the sidewalk won’t be able to see into the house well unless the lighting is just right inside the house.  That means that it does give a feeling of being able to see out while others cannot see in.  However, be careful with that illusion.  Unless the blind portion is shut people may still be able to see in.  sheer blinds

Common materials for the sheer portion are silk, satin, cotton lace, and loosely woven polyester.  Because the lighting is easy to control these are great blinds for plants.  Plants often need a specific amount of sunlight to thrive.  With sheer blinds you can control and provide the right balance.  That said, these are not the best material for insulation control unless you opt for rather thick sheer blinds.  However, they are easy to match with your decorating.  They come in a large variety of colors.  Every manufacturer offers different colors.  So you should be able to find one that matches your home.

These are easy to wash in simple soap and water.  Then just rinse and dry.  But depending on what they’re made of the sheer nature means a more fragile weave.  In other words, don’t wash them too often or you may degrade the fabric (again depending on the chosen fabric).

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