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Arizona Woven Wood Blinds

Arizona Woven Wood Blinds

Arizona Woven Wood Blinds

Cheap but not Cheap Arizona Woven Wood Blinds

If you’re look for blinds you should consider Arizona Woven Wood Blinds.  Woven wood blinds have come a long way since they were first used in tropical huts.  Maybe it’s time you reconsidered this outdoor blind for the inside.

Traditionally woven wood blinds were always an outdoor blind.  They tended to look as cheap as they  were.  However modern weaves can be thicker and heavier than wood shutters.  They are now made of various gorgeous woods.  The most popular of which is bamboo.  Other common materials are reed, Jute, and grass. The earth tones give the room an earthy ambiance on the inside of the room.arizona woven wood blinds

Because the woven blind can be laid in varying geometric configurations there are even contemporary configurations.  Reed looks best if you have a lot of indoor shrubs.  Jute is the material for more casual lighting.  And of course that casual bamboo matt look for a tropical feel indoors.

Functionally they are still cheaper than wood shades, plastic blinds, or aluminum blinds.  They can either eliminate a lot of light or let some light in depending on how thick they are.  They provide insulation just as well as drapes, so they can keep a room cool.  They can provide privacy.  They’re usually installed as top down horizontal blinds.  And, they’re easy to install.

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