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Mesa Blind Repairs

Mesa Blind Repairs

Blind repairs are a technical endeavor.  So before you read this blog, keep in mind that we recommend seeking the help of a professional.  We’re not going to adequately cover the proper removal of every type of blind.  We’re not going to be able help you make sure that keep track of anything that you take apart.  And we can’t assure that you’ll put it back together correctly.  That said, we’re going to give you the basic guidelines to blind repairs.

Typically with blind repair there is just one or a few blinds that are broken.  Rather than buy all new blinds, most people opt to have the blinds repaired.  This means first knowing how to take the blinds down.  Take a look at your blinds and try to determine the brand.  Look up online guides for your specific brand.  Hopefully that will give you more specific guides on how to do this step.

Once you have the blinds removed you’ll need more details on how to remove a single blind.  For some blinds that means removing caps, bottoms, and strings.  Keep in mind that the more you remove, the harder it will be to get it all back correctly.  Remember every piece that you remove and where and how it was connected.  Replacement parts are sometimes difficult to come by.  Usually you’re looking at ordering them from the manufacturer.  If you’re lucky the original blind was installed too tall.  In other words, if you’re lucky there are extra slats that you can use for replacement parts.

Most horizontal blinds are vinyl.  If you’re attempting to replace vinyl blinds remember to be careful.  These bend and break very easily.  So handle with care.

While blind repairs can be a do it yourself project.  It’s typically recommended that you call a professional.  The last thing you want to do is turn a small project into a large one.