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Mesa Blinds and Shutters for Glass Sliding Doors

Mesa Blinds and Shutters for Glass Sliding Doors

Options for Glass Sliding Doors

Have you noticed glass sliding doors are becoming more popular in today’s architecture and interior design? This feature adds panache and flair to one’s home. To maintain indoor privacy and prevent people from seeing through the glass from outside, blinds and shutters are the ideal concealment solutions.

But with a wide variety of blinds and shutters today, choosing the best one to fit your home can be confusingly difficult. We can help you find the perfect type, color, design, and pattern for your glass sliding door’s blinds or shutters.

When you want a sophisticated look to your glass doorway, vertical blinds provide that classy, modern touch. This covering option is perfect for doors that are open always; think of glass doors on porches, balconies, terraces, or verandas.

Vertical blinds can be stacked to the side of the door during the day to bring light into the room. They are available as a one-way opening draw or as slats that can be split open from the middle. There are plenty of materials for your blinds to choose from such as vinyl, aluminum, and wood; we highly recommend wood blinds because it adds an element of luxury and elegance.

If you’re looking for blinds or shutters that stack at the top of the glass doorway when opened, the horizontal ones are perfect for you. Although horizontal blinds are not commonly utilized for doors as they are usually seen for use on windows, they are comparably more convenient compared to vertical blinds; there won’t be any blinds or shutters heaping on the side of the glass sliding door. However, we only recommend using horizontal blinds if the doorway is high enough; otherwise, people would have to scoot under the blinds to pass through the doorway. Apart from this seeming disadvantage, there is no downside to using horizontal blinds or shutters for glass sliding doors.

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