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Making Your Home Look Better With Exterior Shutters


Exterior Shutters are made for one thing and one thing only, to enhance the look of your home. For those who may not know what exterior shutters are it is really basic; they are shutters that go on the side of your windows. Their purpose is to enhance the look of your home and to protect your home from the outside elements. Here is a before and after photo of how exterior shutters enhance the look of your home.

Exterior Shutter


When picking out exterior shutters always make sure that the length of the shutter is the same length of your window. If your exterior shutter is too long or too short it defiantly will not look as good. You also want the width to look like it could be shut without any gaps or overlap.  Back in the older times, exterior shutters were actually made to protect homes from the elements instead of mainly looks. People would open and close their exterior shutters if they wanted less sunlight, more sunlight, and if there was a storm coming. The shutters needed to be the same height so that it could be open and closed easily. Although many people use them for looks instead of protection. we still follow the same rule of thumb. Here is a picture of a bad sized shutter and a perfect sized shutter.


Bad Shutter Size



Good Exterior Shutters

The hardest part of your exterior shutters is going to be picking what color you need to get, so that the shutters compliment your home instead of clashing with your home. All About Blinds and Shutters would love to help with your exterior needs. If you have any questions feel free to call.




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