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Panel Track Blinds

Panel Track Blinds

Panel Track Blinds | All About Blinds and Shutters

Panel track blinds are a type of vertical blind.

All About Binds offers all types of blinds and shutters.   We order and install any type you can imagine.  Today we’re talking about Panel Track Blinds.  Panel track blinds are a type of vertical blind.  If you think about the blinds in your home you most likely have at least one type of horizontal blind.  

horizontal blind

Horizontal blinds are pulled upward to the top of the window box.  Vertical blinds are the perpendicular opposite.  They’re usually used on taller windows.
Each blind hangs from the top of a large window and extends to the floor.

Vertical blinds tend to only connect at the top and so they’ll sway back and forth on the window.  The connection on the top is often linked to a string whereby you may roll the blinds to one side of the window.  These are vertical blinds are often seen in hotels. vertical blind

Panel Track Blinds are simply wider vertical blinds.  So instead of thin long slats reaching downward, there are wide and long slates reaching for the floor.  The thicker panel track blinds are not as prevalent and as such offer a unique luxurious appearance.  Panel Track blinds come in many colors.  More significantly, they can be made from a wide variety of materials.panel track blinds

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